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John Pavley

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John Pavley has been the driving force behind the development and introduction of technology services that have forever changed the advertising, music and media industries.  He has more than 20 years of experience in software development, design, engineering and technology consultancy.   

 Pavley is currently the CTO of The Huffington Post Media Group.  Pavley oversees the HuffPost's industry-leading technology platform and expanding programming team.  He is currently leading the development of HuffPost Live, a social video streaming service.

Prior to joining The Huffington Post Media Group, Pavley founded the NYC development office for the renowned streaming music startup, Spotify.  He led the development of Spotify's internet radio and ad serving systems.   In 2009, Pavley was the VP of Engineering during LimeWire’s final chapters where he implemented an innovative Agile development process and lead the development of a streaming music service using Python, Java Swing, and P2P technology.

Pavley has been the CTO of two NYC-based startups, ContextWeb, an early Microsoft .NET-based ad exchange, and Conductor, a leader in machine learning SEO.  In 2000, Pavley held the position of VP Engineering at DoubleClick where he built a world class user centered design lab, created DoubleClick’s offshore development process, lead the redesign of the DART5 family of ad serving products based on Java and XML, and lead the scaling of DoubleClick’s core ad serving systems from 1 to 11 billion impression per day as an early champion of the Linux operating system and open source frameworks.

In 1997, Pavley designed digital camera features and co-authored 9 patents for FlashPoint, a pioneer in consumer electronics operating systems. Pavley started at Apple in System Software Evangelism where he planned the agenda and technical content of Apple’s 1993 World Wide Developer Conference. Afterwards Pavley transferred to Apple’s software subsidiary Claris where he lead the development of “Virtual Suite”, a DLL library based on Apple’s OpenDoc compound document architecture, and lead the design and development of the award winning ClarisWorks for Kids for Macintosh and Windows.

John Pavley graduated with a degree in Visual Art from Rutgers University and studied under Leon Golub in early 1980s.